Brain Clouds


About The Exhibition
Brain cloud describes a temporary inability to think properly, or to focus on something.
We live in an era when mass-media communication has blurred the differences between the real and impossible, high culture and mass culture, the decline of professions, the success of populism, the role of addictions, the repercussions of the internet on today’s culture and society. In this world a person is often easily distracted, may have trouble concentrating and experience some confusion living in a stream of words.
This exhibition draws from the idea of clouding of consciousness, playing with words and creating an ironic representation of human expressions. In the forms of messages, Iván Buenader presents light hearted and hidden-humour vision of communication. His works imitate written informations,where the shape and the structure is kept, but the actual letters and therefore meaning is removed.
The installation “Monochromatic fantasy” has a relation with another solo exhibition that took place at Lizieres, Epaux-Bezú, Picardie, France, October 2015.