Tell me what you think of me




Tell Me What You Think of Me

curated by Leslie Moody Castro

Categories and definitions are tricky things, especially when they are used to define cultures. While this complex system is often used to identify and generalize cultures outside of the United States, it is also common for North Americans to experience the same type of categorization and definitions abroad. Organized by independent curator Leslie Moody Castro, who divides her time between the United States and Mexico City, Tell Me What You Think of Me explores the humor of these definitions and categorizations placed onto the North American identity. Featuring the works of Donna Conlan, Jonathan Harker, Iván Buender, Máximo Gonzalez, Artemio, Ricardo Cuevas, and Emilio Chapela, this exhibition looks at culture, stereotypes, and cultural classification with a lens of humor and irony, inviting the viewer to laugh while rethinking identity.

Tell Me What You Think of Me has been curated specifically for The University Galleries at Texas State University in support of this year’s Common Experience topic, Exploring Democracy’s Promise: From Segregation to Integration. It seeks to pull back the lens on the topic of integration to open a dialog on diversity and culture within a broader global context by looking at the larger stereotypes of culture from the Latin American perspective, projected onto the United States identity.


601 University Drive, San Marcos, TX, Estados Unidos

February, 2015


Iván Buenader

Máximo González

Donna Conlon

Jonathan Harker

Ricardo Cuevas


Emilio Chapela